1. Candy by The Pound

    $ 15/LB

    Candy by the pound is available for $8 a half pound and $15 a pound. Click to view selections.

  2. Candy by The Dozen

    $ 8/DOZEN

    Candy can be packaged in a window box with ribbon, making it a great gift. 2 dozen packaged are available for $18. Click to view selections.

  3. Chocolate Covered Oreos

    $ 1.50 EACH

    decorated to suit event or occasion. Also available in gift box of 6 for $12 and gift box of 12 for $20.

  4. Cookie Decorating Kits

    $ 30/KIT

    Each kit contains 12 undecorated sugar cookies, 4 sealed pastry bags filled with Delicious buttercream and 3 packets of sprinkles or edible d├ęcor. Comes with complete instructions, packaged in a beautiful gable box so it makes a great gift. Click to view selections.

  5. Paint Your Own Cookies

    $ 5/COOKIE

    A fun and delicious cookie project. Our PYO cookies are a large iced sugar cookie with an image stenciled on top. Included is an edible ink paint palette and
    paintbrush. Add water to the palette with the paintbrush and create your own edible masterpiece. See Gallery for images.

  6. Decorated Sugar Cookies

    $ VARIES

    Starting at $2 per cookie, price is based on size and complexity of decoration. Click to view info.

  7. Bar Cookies

    $ 18/DOZEN

    Our bar cookies are available in a variety of flavors and combinations. Click to view selections.

  8. Cookie Cakes

    $ VARIES

    Same as the others but MUCH bigger & thicker! Available in 9 inch and 12 inch sizes. Click to view selections.

  9. Cookie Bigs

    $ 2.50 EACH

    Same as the others but bigger & thicker. They can be a meal. They have been a meal!! Click to view selections.

  10. Cookie Bites

    $ 10/DOZEN

    Mini cookies that you can pop in your mouth or savor slowly with 2 bites. When just a little is just right! Click to view selections.

  11. Specialty Gourmet Cookies

    $ 21/DOZEN

    These specialty favorites are sure to please. Click to view selections.

  12. Traditional Gourmet Cookies

    $ 18/dozen

    You’re sure to find what you want among these great cookie favorites. Click to view selections.