Back in the old days

Back in the old days

Back in the old days, this was my version of Pinterest.  Several notebooks, one for each area of interest, labeled and filled with neatly trimmed, hole punched magazine articles. Magazines were my guilty pleasure. I had so many subscriptions I couldn’t read all of them if I quit my job and sat at home on the couch all day. I still have 30 years of Bon Appetit magazine collecting dust in a book case in my family room. But for some odd reason I can’t seem to part with them.

I still have a couple of magazine subscriptions, just not as many as in the past. If I’m searching for an idea or need inspiration for a cake, a project, a table setting, I flip open my MacBook and go straight to Pinterest. I’m obsessed with Pinterest.

I especially love that young girls are finding their way through Pinterest and learning about entertaining and hosting parties. The cake was one that I made last month for two close friends sharing their 10th birthday. The found the cake on Pinterest and together, decided that was the cake they wanted to celebrate with.

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